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With the beginning of the 2012 Spring Sports Season we began something different. In the past we had relied on the courtesy and good will of Jimmy Savage and the Sports reporters and photographers at the Review for our pictures. We decided to begin trying to do at least some of our own photography and to begin to establish a "library' of photographs of Potter Athletes to use in our Current Potter Stars series.

This required a serious learning curve. Taking pictures of active action sports activities is quite different than taking pictures of exteriors and interiors of buildings we quickly found out.

We didn't know when the official team pictures were scheduled to be taken so we missed out on that and had to take team pictures when athletes weren't in uniform. But we did manage to get some team pictures. We hope to improve on that in the future.

One of our major goals has been and is to try to always provide names to go with pictures. That presented a problem right from the beginning because we didn't know by sight most of the athletes who participated in Spring Sports. While we had gone to football games, Volleyball games and had gone to both boys and girls basketball game and did know many of the players in those sports by sight we hadn't gone to any of the spring sports before.

That resulted in at least one delay as we agonized over trying to determine from the pictures we had which were pictures of Jordi Warrick and which were pictures of Jenna Renner. Finally after trying to figure this out for two days and getting nowhere, Marky Thompkins came to our rescue and identified each girl in our collection of pictures. We are very grateful to Marky for that.

We had hoped to have at least one action picture of any and all of those Potter Athletes who would be honored in one form or another post season. We did have such pictures for some but unfortunately not for all. In cases where we didn't have such pictures we would once again rely on the good will and courtesy of Jimmy Savage and or the Review photographers and if we still didn't have a photograph of that person but did have a team picture we would pull them from that picture and include them with the others honored from their respective sport.

We will work on our sports photograph techniques to improve such and work on learning faces and names in the future.



Craig Miller East Liverpool Jr.

Nick Harris East Liverpool fr.


Alex Hoeffler, Nick Diloreto

Beating our drum just a little bit. [HUMOR ALERT: This is our very first picture taken during an actual sporting event and AFTER we discovered our camera had a SPORTS SETTING. So we are just a bit proud of this picture of Mary Davis pitching. The previous pictures were rather blurry. We are a bit of a low budget operation here but we are improving. :O) END HUMOR ALERT]

The 2011-2012 Ohio Division II All-Eastern District Girls Softball Teams.


Elise Smith

Brittany Clutter

Elise Smith

Brittany Clutter. We did not have any game photos of Brittany. We apologize for that.

Brittany Clutter. Picture courtesy of Jimmy Joe Savage


Alyssa Culp

Kelsey Diddle

Alyssa Culp

Kelsey Diddle

Kelsey Diddle






Elise Smith, East Liverpool Fr. OF


Alyssa Culp, Sarah Morrell, Katie George

Sarah Morrell

Katie George

Katie George

Current Potter Stars 7


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