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The reason for having a current stars section on historical site is because today's current stars become part of tomorrow's historical stars

Thanks to the internet we were able to find the following for 2004 online:


1st Team

Player Team YR.

Jenna Yanni EL Sr.

Brianne Bishop EL Sr.

2nd Team

Player Team YR.

Tricia Mackey EL Sr.

Kadie Davis EL Sr.



Anthony Duffield EL



Tyler Thayer EL

Conor Faloon EL

Sean Kreefer EL

Alex Payne EL

Jimmy Wood EL


Katie McIlvain EL

Jackie Riley EL

Lindsay Miller EL

Joelle Pillar EL

Janel Krafft EL






East Liverpool athletes receive honors

YOUNGSTOWN --- East Liverpool senior Jake Boyer was named the Columbiana County Cross Country Runner of the Year, and classmate Maggie Mcllivain was named Columbiana County Track and Field Runner of the Year at the Greater Youngstown Track Official's Association. . . . (The Review Tuesday, June 15,2010)

Jake Boyer and Maggie Mclivain at the Greater Youngstown Track Officials Association Banquet June 15, 2010.

Jake Boyer

Marky Thompkins

October 9, 2010. A night that was magical at Patterson field. Frank Dawson ELHS Football Historian tells the story:

Scroll down to the John Marshall -- October 9, 2009 game.



FROM A Supplement to the Review, August 26, 2010: In his first real duty ever at the QB spot, Thompkins threw for 801 yards and five TDs on 74-of- 46 passing with only six interceptions. He also rushed for another 555 yards and five TDs, averaging 5.1 yards per carry.

"He's only going to get better," [head coach] Asher said of the quarterback, whom he describes as a double threat, SOURCE: Excerpted from High School Football '10, Potters section by Jim Mackey, Review Sports Editor. A Supplement to the Review -- August 26, 2010.

Sophomore Marky Thompkins was awarded the MVP award at the Annual Football Banquet for the 2009-10 ELHS football season.

Marky Thompkins didn't just excel at football he did the same in basketball.

Marky Thompkins #23

Twice in the 2009-10 ELHS Basketball Season Marky came within a few points of tying or breaking the single game scoring record. In two different games he scored 40 points.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010. COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- The 2009-10 Associated Press East All-District basketball teams based on the recommendations of a media panel: BOYS Division II THIRD TEAM: Marky Thompkins, East Liverpool, 6-0, soph., 19.0;

Current Potter Stars 2


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