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Various views of the library space.

Various views of the library space.

A stairway to the third floor but you can also see another stairway down the hallway also to the third floor.

Seemed like there were hallways everywhere. I think this one was the second or maybe third floor.


I am pretty sure this is still the second floor. A lovely cabinet in there. This was towards the back of the building probably south side.

Picture taken March 5, 2016. That cabinet is still there.

It would be a shame if that was destroyed in the destruction of the building.


If you go back to the first page of this Brookes Building and look at the second 2011 Photograph of the Brookes Building you will see a narrow section of the building in the very center of the front. It runs from the ground level to the very top. On the ground level there is a doorway, with the number 427 on the door, into the building. Notice the hinges on the door, something you would expect on a huge gate maybe.

This picture showing the inside side of that door. Inside the door is that stairway to the second floor.

This is standing at the top of that stairway looking a little to the right.

This is at the top of the same stairway looking down the hallway in the general direction of the back of the building.

This picks up where the other pictures in Brookes Building left off. This is the same end of the 2nd floor hallway at the top of the stairs of the Market Street entrance. The staircase against the wall is one of several that lead to the third floor.

If you turn left at the top of those stairs you would walk down this hallway as shown in this picture. Its a good example of the woodwork in this building.

We found this little room. We have no idea what it was used for.

It had a upper half of a window that opened.

A nice frosted glass in the window portion. Shown here as closed.

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